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EVENT - Women Writing War

EVENT hosted by Muse - Food, Wine & Books

Sunday 4 September 2022, 3:00 – 4:00pm

Muse, East Hotel,

69 Canberra Ave, Kingston ACT 2604

War is traditionally a masculine pursuit, so what do women writing about war bring to the narratives?

Three (female) observers of war discuss whether women approach or write war stories differently and how writing about war differs from writing about other topics.

From anti-war, academic and journalistic viewpoints, this discussion between pacifist Biff Ward, anthropologist and academic Christine Helliwell, and journalist Karen Middleton will bring a unique lens to the national obsession of war stories.

The Third Chopstick: Tracks through the Vietnam War will be available on the day

Tickets: $10

Event page

Book your ticket here

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