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The Third Chopstick:
Tracks through the Vietnam War

The Third Chopstick: Tracks through the Vietnam War

Writing The Third Chopstick was a labour of love which stretched (on and off) over twenty-five years. I feel privileged to have been trusted with the stories of so many extraordinary people.


Please see the posts below if you are interested in more background information about The Third Chopstick, including Ray Fulton's story, Tran Ding Song's Poem and a podcast about Nick Howlett, also events, reviews and interviews.




Bloody brilliant.

A most enlightening and poignant insight into the whole Vietnam story from a distinctly different perspective.


One of the best I’ve read!



Fantastic job!

Moving and eye-opening. A great deal of material brought together in a wonderful narrative that carries the story beautifully, making point after point, insight after insight. If only the bureaucrats and politicians would listen.


Thank you!



I loved it. I loved it because it’s so much more than the three themes of protest, veteran recovery and the shadows thrown by post-war Vietnam.


Biff masterfully intertwines and integrates these themes into an intriguing, moving, page-turning, unified story. And the main characters stay very much alive across the themes.


It’s a great account, beautifully told.



Now and then you’ll come across a book so original that you can’t help shouting here is something special.

Biff Ward’s The Third Chopstick is such a book.  Beautifully crafted, expertly paced, it is infused throughout with the author’s vision and the depth of her humanity.  
In a perfect blend of history, memoir and testimony, Ward leads us out of our certainties towards understanding what one war - in this case what the Vietnamese call the American War - can do to the country invaded and the men conscripted to fight it.  

The Third Chopstick is highly personal, yet universal in its exploration of the origins of war and its ravaging of lands and souls.  It’s a book deserving to last, and my bet is that it will.

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