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INTERVIEW - Biff Ward in conversation with Nicky Page


Recently Biff spoke with Radio Adelaide's Nicky Page on Service Voices.

It’s 50 years since the last Australian troops left Vietnam, and more than 500 Australian soldiers were dead. When that war ended with the Fall of Saigon two and a half years later over 3 MILLION Vietnamese civilians and soldiers, on both sides, were dead.

The echoes of that war are still felt by all of us here and in Vietnam. That’s the focus of a new book called The Third Chopstick: Tracks through the Vietnam War.

When writer Biff Ward was a young mum in the 1960’s she campaigned hard to get Australia out of the war. More recently she’s spent years talking to veterans who survived it.

You can listen on demand

Activist Biff Ward and her new book The Third Chopstick

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