• Fiona Scott

‘A tidal wave’ of tears and rage sweeps the nation as tens of thousands rally

March 15, 2021, Jewel Topsfield, The Sydney Morning Herald

Veteran feminist Biff Ward described it as the great uprising. “I have been crying for weeks because I thought I would never see this day,” Ms Ward, a founding member of the Canberra Women’s Liberation Group in 1970, told thousands gathered on the lawns in front of Parliament House in the nation’s capital. “It feels like a tidal wave of rage is sweeping the land.”

Thousands gather in Melbourne for Women’s March 4 Justice

March 15, 2021, Rachel Eddie and Carolyn Webb, The Age

Thousands of women streaming into Treasury Gardens on Monday to March 4 Justice were met with the names of 899 women and children. Those names — of women and children killed by male violence in Australia since 2008 — were written onto a fabric scroll that was created by artist Danielle Bain.

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