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Tracks through the Vietnam War


In her new book, written in starkly beautiful prose, Biff Ward seeks to understand the war from multiple angles.

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Author | Activist | Feminist


As a feminist, 2021 in Australia is a grand time to be alive. When over 100,000 women (and some men) stood together on 15 March and roared ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I nearly fainted from excitement. I did not think I would live to see this day. 


At one point a press photographer asked me to look serious or angry to better suit his idea of the pictures he needed. I had to explain that I couldn’t at that moment. Yes, anger, huge swathes of it, drives us on this furious journey, but all I could see on that day was the gigantic moment of agreement among virtually all women in Australia. I could only smile.


The Big Shift that has occurred is that women and girls are now generally BELIEVED … in the community and in the media. The patriarchs of all ages and classes who have used their power to make assumptions about sexual entitlement, are being exposed. I know it’s little by little, and the structural systems of silencing are still largely in place, but a corner has been turned, the road is clear and we are on the march.

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